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We are Locksmith Company in Markham

The service of a skillful locksmith is required in every city. That is the reason locksmith in Markham is poised to offer valuable key lock solutions to the citizens of Markham and environs. Experienced staffs with necessary tools will give you the best security you desire, ensuring your homes, business premises, and cars are safe from thieves and unlawful entry.

You will enjoy great access control systems such as CCTV controls and telephone entry methods. The company has the capacity to provide 24/7 emergency services, if you have such issues anytime of the day.

Mold Removal Services

Our company not only opens locks but also removes mold. In 2019 we merged with another team. In the future we want to provide all services related to houses.

General Locksmith Services

Here is a list of locksmith services available for you in Markham, Ontario, Canada. Such as:

  1. Replacement of house and office keys.
  2. Window and door locks solutions.
  3. Locks repairs and installations.
  4. Rekeying and changing of locks.
  5. Extraction of broken keys.
  6. Mobile locksmith services.
  7. Access control.
  8. High security locks.
  9. Installations of CCTV systems.
  10. Installation of deadbolts.
  11. Master key locks solutions.
  12. Cutting of keys.
  13. Locks for handicaps.
  14. Production of new car keys.
  15. Handling lockout services.
  16. Car key replacement and many more.

Specialized Locksmith Services

Every locksmith and door repair Toronto company has areas of specialization making it outstanding in the Greater Toronto Area, such as:

Emergency Locksmiths

You may encounter difficulties opening or closing a door or any other entrance to your home, business premises, or cars. Then, you need an emergency locksmith to repair or rekey the lock immediately. In most cases, cutting the key before replacement is preferable and safe to prevent duplication.

Emergency locksmith services are available all-round the clock, 24/7 to ensure you are not locked out of your premises or vehicles in any way.

Benefits of Hiring Emergency Locksmiths

  1. Providing lockout services.
  2. Changing keys easily.
  3. Replacement of lost keys.
  4. Repairing and rekeying locks urgently.
  5. Managing points of break in and thefts.
  6. Fixing of deadbolts.
  7. 24/7 locksmith services.
  8. Provision of local locksmith services.

Residential Locksmiths

At home, you will need the services of a residential locksmith to undertake issues of your house lock systems. With the right tools, these experienced professionals will help in restoring access to your homes. Even if you have local locks or electric deadbolts, a skilled locksmith technician can handle them without hassles.

Benefits of Hiring Residential Locksmiths

  • Fixing a four-point sliding door.
  • Replacing lost house keys.
  • Extraction of broken keys.
  • Windows and door locks systems.
  • Providing exclusive locks for handicaps.
  • Rekeying and changing of locks.
  • Installation of deadbolts.
  • Capable of handling traditional and high security lock systems.

Commercial Locksmiths

Improve internal and external security systems of your businesses and offices by engaging the services of commercial locksmiths. These are technicians providing high level security to business and office premises ensuring your properties are safe anytime of the day.

locksmith in Markham

Benefits of Hiring Commercial Locksmiths

  1. Installation of CCTV camera systems.
  2. Fixing of top grade security locks.
  3. Setting up of access control mechanisms using identity cards.
  4. Broken keys extraction.
  5. Rekeying and replacement of locks.
  6. Master key locks systems.
  7. Replacement of lost office keys.
  8. Doors and windows lock replacement.
  9. Key cutting services.

Due to the experiences of these technicians and if you can apply a good maintenance structure, you will enjoy these security systems for many years.

Automotive Locksmiths

Automotive locksmith services can help you in handling problems with your cars, Lorries, and other vehicles. You may be locked out of your car at anytime of the day. But engaging the services of highly skilled automobile locksmith technicians will enhance the safety and security of your vehicles.

Benefits of Hiring Automotive Locksmiths

  1. Making of new vehicle keys.
  2. Provision of mobile locksmith services.
  3. Extraction of broken car keys.
  4. Replacement of lost car keys.
  5. Handling of car lockout situations.
  6. Offering master key lock services.
  7. Changing of broken car keys.
  8. Fixing of break in and damages to car systems.


Locksmith Markham is a company with experienced professionals that can help you in upgrading the security features of your homes, offices, and vehicles. You will have peace of mind and enjoy safety anywhere you may be.